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Science Busking in the Streets of Los Alamos!

This summer, Los Alamos Creative District kicked off a new series we're calling "science busking" along MainStreet! The first demonstration in June featured black holes and light, drawing the attention of many curious pedestrians in downtown Los Alamos.

“Science busking is a fun initiative to showcase some of the uniqueness of our community,” said Martineau, Los Alamos Creative District curator. “If you see us on the sidewalk, stop and chat with us, it’s a fun free minute of science!”

Busking is a kind of street performance occurring in public places, typically for gratuities.

“We hope to take this idea in a new direction by introducing ‘science busking’ and performing short science demonstrations along the sidewalks for the general public,” Martineau continued. “We may have a ‘tip beaker’ for a prop, but we are just demonstrating for fun. Our goal is to give locals and visitors some unexpected scientific entertainment to make their experience downtown even more memorable.”

Pop-up science busking will be set up downtown between 15th and 20th streets as often as once a week throughout the summer. This is a Los Alamos Creative District initiative and will use volunteers.

The Los Alamos Creative District thanks downtown business owners, including CB FOX, Bennett’s Fine Jewelry and Central Park Square owner Philip Kunsberg, who have been very supportive of the initiative.

To get the latest news on when and where the next pop-up will take place, follow them on the Los Alamos Creative District Facebook page.

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