June 28

Los Alamos Stables History Roundtable


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Join us for History on Tap, an engaging discussion followed by Q&A.

The North Mesa Horse Stables today have 122 lots—but what are the origins of our stables, and how have they grown over time? Join a lively roundtable discussion with longtime horse owners and other local experts as we share stories illustrating the history of our stables. Bring your own memories and questions about this special part of Los Alamos history!

Mar 22

Women of the Manhattan Project

Total Duration: 90 min

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You may often hear the complaint: "They never tell us that in the history books!" Actually, "they" do. You just have to find the right history books! From their roles as scientists, technicians, telephone operators, truck drivers, wives, mothers, and more, women played significant roles in Los Alamos during the Manhattan Project. A standard high school history book may not tell the stories, but memoirs, biographies, books focused on women's history, and a bit of old-fashioned digging in archives for oral history interviews and newspaper articles reveal hundreds of these stories. We'll delve into some of the stories that are powerful, heartwarming, and surprising during History on Tap for March, Women's History Month. Bring questions and stories of your own!

Heather McClenahan, a writer and historian, retired from the executive director position of the Los Alamos Historical Society in 2019 with the intention of traveling the world with her husband. Halted in their travels by COVID-19, they have settled in a home base in Las Cruces, where Heather continues to study history and work sporadically on a book about Los Alamos history in between hiking, bird watching, and eating green chile.

Dec 7

Marlon Magdalena, the instructional coordinator for Jemez Historic Site, led History on Tap on Dec 7 with a presentation on the traditional native flutes he makes and plays.

Total Duration: 90 min

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Native American Flutes Demonstration

There are many types of flutes that were developed by the indigenous people of America. The modern standardized flute known as the “Native American Flute” has caused some confusion about what a Native American Flute really is. This presentation will discuss the history, construction methods, and the different varieties of flutes that were made and used by many Native Americans tribes and nations.​